Symella for Symbian

Mobile P2P: file sharing on your Symbian cellphone


Symella is a basic Gnutella client for mobile devices based on the S60 platform. It is capable of searching and downloading, but do not upload any data in its current release.

It supports multi-threaded downloads which means that if multiple users have a particular file then Symella can download the file from several locations simultenously.

The number of search results returned highly depend on the quality of the peers you are connected to. In the current version there isn't any kind of optimalization for choosing which peers the client tries to connect.

Searching for the same text after restarting the program can result in different number of hits. However, an anonymous profiling tool was introduced which helps us to improve the SemPeer protocol in order to help you obtaining more relevant files and fight against spams.

However, if you do not want to support us with these data, you can disable this function in the Settings block.

Key features of the program include:

Follows Gnutella 0.

6 draft

Most things that could be solved on this mobile platform are in it. Handshake, standard Gnutella messages, Pong caching, connecting, querying, downloading (except Push messages).

It doesn't have a sharing subsystem though, it has no sense having one on a small platform like Symbian - it concentrates on searching and downloading.

It has no GGEP or HUGE implementation, just plain Gnutella messages.

Uses GWebCache

As the draft suggests, it uses GWebCache, hostcaching and a primitive message caching to make communication easier.


Does the search by the book - collects files with the same hash into one result, resulting in faster download later.


Uses swarming technique for downloading - splits the selected file into more small parts, and downloads them simultaneously - faster and more effective than the one-threaded download.

Multiple downloads

Only one search can be active at a time, but multiple downloads can run in the background, even from different searches.

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Symella S60 1.41

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